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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recent fotos of Melissa and Zulu's kitten!

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Recent fotos of Kyesi and Zulu's kittens!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Photos of Melissa and Zulu's kitten

Here are the most recents photos of Malaika (Branca de Neve). Note that Melissa also feeds Kyesi's kittens and vice versa lol!!

Aqui ficam fotos da Malaika (Branca de Neve). Notem como a Melissa tambem dá de mamar aos filhotes da Kyesi e a Kyesi á Malaika!!
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Photos of Kyesi and Zulu's kittens

Since I've not posted any photos in a long time, here are some of the twins lol, which we have named Zulu Jr., and Zayn, and princess Zahara:)

Aqui ficam fotos recentes dos filhotes da Kyesi e do Zulu; os gemeos como lhes chamamos o Zulu Jr., e o Zayn e princessa Zahara:)
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